Galatians 5:14

Here you see people from all ages.  The scripture applies to all of us regardless of our age.  We should love our neighbor, regardless of their age, etc., thus keeping the entire law.  In this case the law is referred to in the New Testament.  It is there for a purpose.  Sometimes it could be assumed that some people think that they do not need to follow the law now.  The word of God spells out that sections of the law no longer apply – areas dealing with sacrifice, etc.  But the portions dealing with how we relate to one another and God still apply.  We should follow these out of love for the One who has forgiven us, after we have confessed our sin to Him, and is ready to communicate with us when we listen.

John 7:38

It is important to always remember that when Father God has redeemed you and bought you back from slavery to sin, that “rivers of living water” will flow from within you to each person around you most each time you are awake.

This picture was taken in July 2010 during the beginning of a trip to visit Mom and Dad Schwartz in their home state North Dakota.