Home Remodel

12 Apr 2015

Ah. What do you know? I guess sometimes folks get buried and have to come up for air after a fashion. I am still alive after three months or so have transpired since my escapade that caused me to pause and verify what I should be doing.

If you came around, you would find that I have made progress on the master bedroom wing. No, it is not done. Yes, it is considerably more done than it was at the first of the year. The mud work in the master bedroom is done INCLUDING sanding! Wow.

29 Dec 2014

Who I Am

Submitted by Shawn Whitten

Hi. I am still around. I have wondered a bit the past couple of months who I really am and what should I be doing. There have been a few things that have cropped up in my life to make me wonder about this.

Briefly, I had expected to spend only one Monday morning in the attic, moving things that belong to our older three kids (aged 20-25). My intent was to put the stuff in separate stacks by ...

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