2 Sep 2016

Progress on Master Bedroom Wing (Part 2)

Submitted by Shawn Whitten

Finally! This is a partial result of the work I have been doing to the Master Bedroom wing of our home. I have made excellent progress on the other three rooms and will post pictures of them when complete.

As always, it seems that the remaining tasks always take the most time, but of course, this project has had a life of its own. I have the following to do:
> In the hallway leading to the master bedroom - install the remaining mop board and frame around a couple of doors.
> In the walk-in closet and sink bathroom - install the mop board and frame around the doors, front of 3 small shelves.
> In the sink bathroom - install the main light fixture, attach the sink top, acquire and install a picture on a wall.
> In the toilet bathroom - install a leveling substance beneath the toilet, install the glass front of the shower, install the towel bar.

Here is the other end of the same room.