27 May 2015

Maintaining Your Financial Picture

Submitted by Shawn Whitten

Hey everyone! I hope life is full of pleasantness for each of you.

Today's topic is finances: maintaining your families finances or your own financial picture. This is what I have been doing for the past few weeks. You see, I performed this very important function for our family for the first 20 years of marriage. When I had the year of hospital visits in 2008 (long stays, medium stays, short stays), my wife, Lori, took over. I am glad she did. Recently, she asked me to take over the responsibility.

Needless to say, her viewpoint and mine have had a bit of difference of opinion. Of course, hers has been a bit different due to her work on a degree from MSU (Missouri State University). There is only so much a person can do when they are working on a degree and working outside of the home. I have been in that boat before. So, bottom line, I had a bit to catch up on, paperwork to resolve, and a budget to update.

Right now, the budget is in line with our necessities and goals.

Here is the reason I am telling this to you. I believe some of you have similar situations and need to turn them around. You may contact me if you wish, but here is the upshot of how to proceed (if you own your own home).
1. Create a second mortgage.
2. Pay off your credit card debts using the second mortgage.
3. Update (or create) a good budget THAT YOU WILL FOLLOW.
4. Make large payments on the second mortgage AND PAY IT OFF.

It is very, very important that you follow your budget or adjust it and follow the adjustment. Also, it is very, very important that you pay off the second mortgage as fast as possible. I could repeat these two points again, but I think you have the message.

Remember, God always desires that you succeed in all you do. Look to Him and ask Him for wisdom every step of the way and you will receive it!