12 Apr 2015

Progress on Master Bedroom Wing (Part 1)

Submitted by Shawn Whitten

Ah. What do you know? I guess sometimes folks get buried and have to come up for air after a fashion. I am still alive after three months or so have transpired since my escapade that caused me to pause and verify what I should be doing.

If you came around, you would find that I have made progress on the master bedroom wing. No, it is not done. Yes, it is considerably more done than it was at the first of the year. The mud work in the master bedroom is done INCLUDING sanding! Wow.

I am finishing the final application of mud in the master closet (located off the master bathroom). Much of this room has all of the mud that it needs. I have about a third of the room to apply the final coat plus I need to sand about half of the room.

These pictures are shown in the order that they transpired. They are of different rooms in this four room project.

First, the ceiling of the master bathroom that holds the sink.

Next, the new wall between the master bedroom and the first master bathroom.

Next, the walls in the second master bathroom.

Next, the floor in the second master bathroom.

The current eastern end of the master bedroom is the article picture. Notice that there are marks on the floor that show us where the walls used to be. I did NOT create the markings but removed the dust from these areas so we could see the marks more easily. The hallway came further this way. The hallway closet, on the left, was more than twice as large. The middle bedroom and associated closet is part of the area on the right.

And finally, the current western end of the master bedroom.