29 Dec 2014

Who I Am

Submitted by Shawn Whitten

Hi. I am still around. I have wondered a bit the past couple of months who I really am and what should I be doing. There have been a few things that have cropped up in my life to make me wonder about this.

Briefly, I had expected to spend only one Monday morning in the attic, moving things that belong to our older three kids (aged 20-25). My intent was to put the stuff in separate stacks by person. I did this. I also grew very tired -- so tired that on the trudge back to the stairs, I did not really watch the floor beneath me. Our attic is 35+ years old and at that time, the walk ways were NOT fastened to the floor boards. This created a gap between two walkway boards large enough to allow my foot access to the insulation beneath -- oh, and the drywall beneath the insulation. The end result was that my right foot came to rest in the floor below us after breaking the drywall.

I worked on this for some time and later went to the attic to install two 2x4's on the piece of drywall I was installing. In doing so, I slipped and fell in the attic. My right hand missed the walk way and broke the drywall in the living room. Another broken piece of drywall in plain sight.

I worked and fixed both holes. This took a couple of weeks due to sleeping once or twice each day.

Next, I was working on the master bedroom wing project. I was running my table saw, minding my own business. I was a bit tired, though I don't suggest that you mention that to my wife. I was trimming the various shelves that existed before I had bought any lumber to expand their number. I had to trim them so they would fit the various new locations that would hold shelves in the future. I was just about done with the project for the day when I accidentally placed my right thumb a bit too close to the spinning blade. Zing! That is all it took. Just zing!

Zing and the tip of my thumb was very very sore. In fact, that first day it was extremely painful too. I think you will know a bit about what I mean. If not, just look at the pictures. Anyway, two weeks later and it is mostly healed and only a bit tender. It has been very tender for the entire two weeks.

Another thing happened next. On Sunday 12/21/2014 I missed the service I had been able to attend each Lord's Day. I was very sick with a cold the first time that year and was for four days. Later, for 24 hours on 12/24, my gallbladder tried unsuccessfully to pass stones. This process was very painful. I went to an emergency room that evening. They ended up admitting me and taking my gallbladder out. It was encased in infection and it felt good to not have the infection any longer. This is two separate things, but they were both physical and came back to back. The Lord delivered me from them both and I am forever grateful to Him.

It is now Monday 12/29, and I am only taking a single pain relief pill every four hours. This is great. Praise the Lord!

I started off this piece by telling you that I have recently wondered a bit about who I really am and what I should be doing. I now believe the answers to be:
1. Who am I? I now believe I am definitely a child of God. He cares enough about me to allow these things to pop up in my life, yet provides the completion for them in His timing.
2. What should I be doing? This is normally the two areas I have been assigned: the master bedroom project and website maintenance. At times, the Lord either allows or introduces things in my path that I do not normally handle the best, yet makes a way for me in and through each thing.

In conclusion, I am reminded that you, like me, can ask the God that created this universe and every thing in it, to order your steps each moment of each day. He can and will do this for our good, if we ask Him to and look to Him for guidance.