12 Nov 2014

Choosing a website package

Submitted by Shawn Whitten

As you know, anyone that spends much time at all writing on a website needs to choose the tools he or she will use. Some people will choose Facebook or some thing similar in order to do this. Other folks will grab a website name that goes with their name, such as I did. (Check out the name of this site! No one else has it.) I am in both groups. I have a personal space in Facebook and this website exists with my personal name as the website name. (If you would like to view my personal webpage on Facebook, you may locate it at https://www.facebook.com/pswhitten.)

The point behind my writing this short piece is this. I have begun ShawnWhitten.com using Drupal V7 but there is other software available that I might try - eventually. I might try it using a different website name and leave ShawnWhitten.com as Drupal, but not V7. Why? I have worked with Drupal, from V4 through V7 for seven years. I believe it has long been capable of doing much more than the following packages. BUT I want to work a little bit with more of them so I can say that I know it is true. It is one thing to say something. It is an entirely different matter to say something you know is true.

Drupal is used by some of the biggest sites on the Web, like The Economist, Examiner.com and The White House. Other software that does some of the things that Drupal does:
- WordPress
- MODx
- Croogo
- Joomla
- b2evolution
- liveSite
- PHP-Nuke
- PyroCMS
- Others...

In closing, I have a bit of fun in store for myself. Trying some of these out. Wow! I just need to finish a house redo project first. I have been working on a master bedroom, non-master bedroom and a two-room master bathroom. I stripped the walls to the studs and have installed 3/4 of the new drywall. I am making the various shelving units that will be part of the non-master bedroom which is now a walk-in closet. That is because the master bedroom is now 150% of its former size. Oh well.