1 John 4:7

Recently, I used a picture of signs along I94 in North Dakota. This picture was taken of a lot of the youth we saw at Grandma and Grandpa Schwartz’ home. Some are related by marriage, but most are by birth. The verse is very key of not only our relationships amongst the people in the picture, but also amongst the people who are part of the family of God. I am a part of that family. You may be also, or will be soon. If you are not yet, you may send me a message atShawnWhitten.com and ask how to become a member! Being a member has tremendous benefits.

Proverbs 16:2

This photo is from a trip to North Dakota we made in 2017.  The signs are beside I94 as we were on our return trip.  The key to this is as follows.  We are to commit our works to the Lord.  As we do this, our thoughts will be established.  It is important to note that the outward view of our lives will then be dramatically improved.  Just like the signs in the photo, each one of us displays what is occurring inside of us.  The world merely needs to watch to see whether we have committed our works to the Lord or someone else.

Deuteronomy 6:7

This is my grandson, Cameron, who is a deal bigger than this now. I took this back in 2013. The verse applies to our relationship along with many others that we all can think about. Basically, our children are a big responsibility to all of us and the method of teaching them the ways of God, the importance of keeping our heart clean before Him, and knowing what we are to do in any situation is spelt out in this verse.

Isaiah 61:11

Today’s photo was taken on the rear deck of my previous home. It is a flower of some kind — I do not recall which one. The scripture applies. The Lord is going to cause righteousness and praise of Him to be blossoming in every single nation on this earth. How do I know this? Because the earth brings forth the buds and the things in a garden, sown in the spring, to grow.

Proverbs 24:3

This is a special picture in that it show’s the five large photos we had hanging in our living room on Clay Ave.  They helped us know with whom our house had been built so far and also established.  Of course, since there were only five photos, we had to change them from time to time. That way each person could be displayed. My prayer is that God continues to work in each of our families, establishing Himself in each one for His glory.

Ephesians 2:22

I have a new found friend.  His names is James Hilburn.  He is a retired family doctor and is now a gardener.  We went to see this place in Springfield, Missouri where the gardeners tend a garden that has a section for vegetables, herbs, and other stuff.  While there, we saw a short train on a piece of track that I have never seen a train upon in 15 years, so I shot this picture of it.  The verse goes along with what I was doing with James and you can do with fellow believers in Christ.

Proverbs 23:12

This is a picture taken before 2015.  It was behind our last house.  Anyway, there are 3 people involved:  Joshua Whitten, Maci (Joshua’s daughter), and Stephen Whitten.  It was great to hear the music produced by Joshua and Stephen.  In addition, the verse applies to Maci (and all of us).  Note the fellow on the neighboring deck.  I think he is enjoying the music too.